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RESQUARE the movie by Prive.


My opinion about this movie:

So basicly this is my first movie ever.
I putted allot of effort in this movie. To all the fucking trolls crying that it is short or it is bad. i tried to make the movie as long as possible but since i have no motivation i rushed the end. also it takes allot of time to make such effects so go fock off with your stupid comments fuckfaces. e.x: FOX.
Anyway i also don't have that much motivation to edit source anymore and will edit more cod4 soon. The end is a bit rushed and looks cheesey. but like i said this is my first movie so and its hard to make a unique effect on each shot.

Thanks to:

Sparkles Productions team
affeCted for supporting me really with allot of things.
And to everyone that watches my videos and supporting me!
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